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Vegan Coconut Mango “Ice Cream”

So simple and creamy, this Vegan Coconut Mango Ice Cream uses only 3 ingredients and a stand or hand mixer. But there is one catch…

I wish I could whip up this decadent dessert on a whim, but planning is KEY for this vegan ice cream. The process takes at least 36 hours – so plan ahead! Read directions fully before proceeding so you know how to plan ahead properly. Enjoy!

This “ice cream” needs to stay frozen! Don’t leave it out of the freezer for long periods of time because it will soften.


  • 30oz Creme of Coconut (x2 15oz cans) – can substitute coconut cream for less sweetness but NOT coconut milk
  • 14oz sweetened condensed coconut milk
  • 15oz canned diced mango in extra light syrup, drained (OR 1-2 fresh mangos, diced)


12 Hours Prior

Chill creme of coconut in refrigerator for at least 12 hours (do NOT freeze!) Blend diced mango until smooth. If using fresh mango, blend then strain blended mango through sieve to remove any remaining solids. You should yield approximately 1 cup of purée. Refrigerate mango purée.

Preparation Day

Remove creme of coconut from refrigerator – DO NOT TILT OR SHAKE! Remove lid on level surface. The creme (fat) should have floated to the top and along the sides of the can. Gently scoop out as much creme as possible into mixing bowl, leaving behind the liquid. Combine condensed coconut milk, chilled creme, and chilled mango purée into mixing bowl fitted with whisk attachment. Begin whipping on low for 10 seconds then switch to medium-high. Continue to whip on medium-high until creamy. When you lift the whisk from the mixture it should smoothly flow back into the bowl and sit on top of the remaining ice cream, holding its shape. If you’re able to whip to soft peaks, do so. However, depending on the liquid content of your purée, the mixture might only remain thick and creamy – that’s ok! Pour into cold-proof container with lid, smooth out surface of ice cream then put on lid. Freeze at least 24 hours for ice cream to fully set.

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