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Baked Eggs with Smoked Paprika Hash

Ingredients: 4 large eggs 4 strips of bacon (or breakfast sausage or chorizo) 1 medium-large potato, small dice 1 medium red onion, small dice 1/4 cup chopped sundried tomatoes 14oz stewed, diced, or crushed tomatoes (I used my homemade Easy Bruschetta recipe) 1 tsp ground cumin 2 tsp smoked paprika Salt and pepper Directions: Preheat… Continue reading Baked Eggs with Smoked Paprika Hash

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Cinnamon Roll Dumplings

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Today is Christmas morning and we are trying to establish a morning/breakfast Christmas “tradition” for our new little family. I just had to share this Cinnamon Roll Dumpling recipe with you all! It tastes like soft biscuits drenched in sticky sweet cinnamon roll sauce. If you love sweet treats then… Continue reading Cinnamon Roll Dumplings